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Australia Sells Water Infrastructure To China

Um, what the hell are you thinking?

Considering China’s “human rights” record, what would make them not likely to withhold your water for a price?

The Sadistic Study Of Pain (by RadioLab)

Some Quick News!

Why doesn’y Romney ever mention the taxpayer bailout Bain got?

Hurricane Isaac reversed the Mississippi River’s flow;

Factcheck shows slant to the Left (or maybe the Right LIES more?):

The Japanese River Otter was declared EXTINCT, due to pollution and habitat decline;

US has slipped from 20th to 47th in the ranking of Press Freedom (fucking sad):

A 550LB Allied bomb from WWII found in Munich (detonated – Video, sorry bout that…):

Yulia Tymoshenko lost appeal, and stays in Jail (power grab continues):

Fairy Wasp (or FairyFly)

They are about the size of a piece of dust, or bacteria.  Who knew?

America’s Failed Bridges (Check Your Commute)

The fact that we have this many bridges in poor to terrible condition in the country, is proof of the total failure of Congress. Obama wants to fix these. Raise the gas tax and get going!!

Kim Jong Un

A beautiful portrait with his “constituants”. They look totally terrified.

Greed Drives Angela Braly From WellPoint

If you don’t know, WellPoint is the second largest bundle of Blue Cross Health Care plan providers. In 2012, the company earned $2.6 BN, or $7.25 per share, for share holders. That was down slightly, because the economy tanked and a lot of people had no health insurance at all.  Angela was the one to blame (the investors said).  This greed, and investor pressure, is what pushes companies to continue, to increase the cost of health care. It highlights my belief/fight that, Health Care should not be FOR PROFIT.  Executive pay/bonuses are an issue too..,0,2039738.story