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Spelunking In The Nude

Hey, if nobody gets hurt, knock yourselves out…

Car Wash Drug Ring

Well, what a perfect front? These people are way smarter than me, except they got caught..

Remembering 911 From The Whitehouse

Pretty riveting..I didn’t get to hear the whole thing, but I will tomorrow.


Yep, we are going to an asteroid..

Worst Death Scene Ever

Where do I get the DVD?? I love terrible movies..

Shuttle Endeavour 3D Pictures

It’a a great blog that everyone should have bookmarked..

Seventh Bank Faults In Illinois This Year,0,962081.story

This time it was First United, in Crete.  I looked at their web site and it’s still up;,0,962081.story  It will probably redirect to a new bank by Monday.

It’s the greed of the big banks and Wall Street still trickling down on the economy.  It’s amazing we are any manor of recovery at all.