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Stereo Heroes

Yeah, just blew out the speakers on my PC listening to this (maxed out); while ironing slacks…

Kris Wadsworth

I get these emails with links to electronica artists, and I was unimpressed with Kris, till the 4th track on his Life And Death album;

You can hear samples from the whole album here:
Gutter Pimp is cool too.

Fire Dance

David Yu 7967195116_6ab8c36209_cDavid Yu 3099548557_2922efa1f9_oDavid Yu 2970936813_978d613be5_oDavid Yu 2970937391_350850a08b_oDavid Yu 2970937595_fde38ab069_o
Photos by David Yu. He only puts low resolution pics on his flickr page

Chasing Ice Looks Cool

Fred Astaire And Leslie Caron

Some nostalgia today? No pain involved. Leslie Caron is such a good dancer, that Fred was confident enough to lead her (sometimes) like he did. He couldn’t afford the confidence with most of his on screen dancing partners.

Leslie from the movie Gigi, where she is just too damn cute..

Does The Universe Have A Purpose?

That’s My Mother

Photos from 1958/59.  I used GIMP to clean up alot of the dust that was embedded on the slides

170 Foot Long Trampoline

I wonder if the just keep an Ambulance on site, ready to go at all times.  I would run it though..

Crash Bandicoot: The Truth Revealed

That’s funny…

Saturn’s North Pole

False Color added, the full HD photo is here:

The Earth’s poles are boring by comparison.

The Tundra Is On Fire

At least it’s not dark all the time..

China Almost Crushes a California Small Business

If you at all follow network security, this will amaze you.  If not, just move along..

Jabhat al-Nusra In Syria

They may be Al-Queda affiliated, but Jabhat al-Nusra can move, and they will play hell with Assad’s forces.

Four Tet

This is a song you HAVE to hear at CD quality with headphones. Well worth the purchase, called Everything Ecstatic.

Space Janitors

I always wanted to make this movie!  But I was just a kid..

Happy 70th Jimi

Because I can’t help myself:

Holiday Dinners and Hot Pepper Jam

Holiday Dinners and Hot Pepper Jam.

I have to try making the stuff…. It looks amazing.

The Munich Subway Is Cool

HD photos below;

132 Domain Names Seized Today

Mostly selling counterfeit merchandise. They don’t list the sites, so I expect some more file sharing sites are toast.

Asteroid 2007 PA8

Passing four million miles from Earth, and its a mile wide rock. the distance is about 16 times the distance of our own moon.

Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Masterworks Expo

Turkey Pot Pie (From Only Leftovers)

Ok, the pie crust is not leftover..

Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

Funny stuff…

Hate In Montana

Alive and well. Never been to Montana, and that’s not likely to change.

Charles Gute’s take on hate;,_Whitewash,_2007._Piezzo_print_on_hanemule_rag._Edition_1_of_1_plus_AP..jpg