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Visualized Cyber Attacks In 3D

I contend the rendering is real-time art.

One Line Drawings



The background texture plays a much bigger part, in art like this.

I just found that you can buy prints pretty cheap here;

Ed Fairburn’s Chart Art (I Made A Rhyme There)


Via 123 Inspiration, more here;

What a cool idea, maybe I will go to the Library and check out some topography books and have some undercover fun?

Netherland’s Tulip Fields

It should have occured to me that this is what they would look like, but I actually imagined green houses.

More here from This is Collosal;

Reminds me of those colored clay packs we used to play with..  Oh, and unlike many, I love the wind generators. I think they are beautiful.

I have Been Looking For A Desk Lamp

I sooo appreciate good design and simple function.

The only thing missing is a tint control for warm/cold light.

Bone Engraving (not Ivory)


More here; (scroll down).

I can’t imagine how long that took to carve..

Paperman – A Mix Of CGI And Hand Drawn Animation

I hate flouting the monster that is Disney, but this deserves a nod.

“My Vagina” Protest

I don’t have a Vagina, but I support this movement. It should be happening in Virginia and a lot of other “red states” where MEN HAVE THE AUDACITY to think they can dictate Women’s rights.  Just because a fucking book tells them to do so.

When Vaginas Took Back the Capitol! from V-Day Until the Violence Stops on Vimeo.

If they took that whole book to heart, the men could also cut off their wife’s hand for interrupting an argument. Nice book.

Artist Kenojuak Ashevak Passes


A wonderful Inuk Artist:

A nice gallery here (low-rez);

Zimbabwe Has $217 In The Bank


We be broke…

Mugabe has once again proven himself to be the bafoon de-La Creme. It’s just another corrupt Government (like all the rest).  I am starting to think I might go off the grid and pass on Humanity, as humans are the worst people on the planet.

Nico Delort’s Art (Etchings?)


I did scratchboard and ink way back when. Is there a general category for those? More here:

Doctor Ronald E. McNair (StoryCorps)

Very touching, great story..

Sea Foam In Australia

High winds + Ocean equals FOAM!

US Immigration Reform

I am not amazed that Congress is finally taking up the issue, so I wanted to drop a few thoughts;

WHAT HAPPENED: In 1986 Ronald Reagan pushed for (and got) citizenship and amnesty for all of the illegal immigrants (including kids) in America. A bit amazing that Reagan is considered a hero by many.  In the 27 years since, these “naturalized” immigrants phoned home and illegally imported their extended families and friends. Over these 27 years, the new illegal immigrants had a lot of kids, who are American citizens and have seriously burdened the education system.  So there are lots of immigrants who are now of voting age, and last November they sent a message to Republicans in Congress: “We want the same deal for all the new people here illegally, that we had 27 years ago”.  Congress heard them (this is unfortunately blackmail working).

HOW THIS CAN WORK: A National ID card will be required (a complicated and expensive one) that everyone will have to chip in to pay for. E-Verify will need to be implemented and seriously enforced (tough punishment for individual company owners/Presidents/CEOs). If a business is run by an illegal, they have to register it and start paying taxes (cost offset) and already legal companies have to sponsor their illegal employees (path to citizenship), or cut them off. If someone isn’t working, they get the choice of Military service or “self deport”. The country would risk collapse if we have 11 Million people dumped onto Welfare, Unemployment and Social Security overnight.

RISKS: There will be a short-term flood of people heading to the border from South America, to get in before the (e-Verify) door slams shut. The fact that Congress is even talking about this, means we should have doubled resources to combat this flood before anyone made a peep (did we? no!).  People turned away (or know they won’t qualify for citizenship, will be much more likely to get involved in violent crimes, as they have nothing to lose. We could even see militia style assaults or mass shootings. Certain current Americans could also take it upon themselves to rid their towns of illegals, so you get more militia style violence.

The whole thing can be done, but I fear we are not doing it in a logical way…

America’s Great Outdoors

Grafiti6177839562_88fa3827d3_z Beautiful photography..

Saturn 5 Rocket Explained Simply


Click to enlarge and enjoy..

Made me laugh, accurate and dummed down. Via

Tony Plant’s Art

Finally, a video..

RUARRI JOSEPH :: Till The Luck Runs Dry from LIGHT COLOUR SOUND on Vimeo.

The Reward

Beautiful and funny short..

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Apollo 1


Egypt Under Marshall Law

Parts of it, where the protesters are getting extremely violent. Interesting that the reporters don’t mention the Ultra’s Gang, who were responsible for the murders at Port Said last year.

The country has a legally elected Government, and the citizens (on both sides) are so used to violent protest and rioting, that it’s just what they do now. Almost daily. So they march off into economic ruin, because all tourism has stopped, because they act like animals.

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – BLACK feat; Norah Jones

Not Live;

The Civil Wars

Those are the most solid harmonies of the century..

Japan Streeet Art/Graffiti

SONY DSC SONY DSC Grafiti6177839562_88fa3827d3_z

MAUSI Is Straight Up Solid Pop Music

More here: