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Visualized Cyber Attacks In 3D

I contend the rendering is real-time art.

One Line Drawings



The background texture plays a much bigger part, in art like this.

I just found that you can buy prints pretty cheap here;

Ed Fairburn’s Chart Art (I Made A Rhyme There)


Via 123 Inspiration, more here;

What a cool idea, maybe I will go to the Library and check out some topography books and have some undercover fun?

Netherland’s Tulip Fields

It should have occured to me that this is what they would look like, but I actually imagined green houses.

More here from This is Collosal;

Reminds me of those colored clay packs we used to play with..  Oh, and unlike many, I love the wind generators. I think they are beautiful.

I have Been Looking For A Desk Lamp

I sooo appreciate good design and simple function.

The only thing missing is a tint control for warm/cold light.

Bone Engraving (not Ivory)


More here; (scroll down).

I can’t imagine how long that took to carve..

Paperman – A Mix Of CGI And Hand Drawn Animation

I hate flouting the monster that is Disney, but this deserves a nod.