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NASA, It Gets Better

Guess The Movie

Based on this:

Japan’s Anime Embrace

Cute Graffiti



Via SublightMonster;

EvilHateYouAll’s Photography


Can An Asteroid Be A Moon

Of course, it can also HAVE A MOON!!

This 1.7 mile wide rock will sail past Earth later today.



There is nudity, but not gratuituos;

Motzart’s Sister

Good tune.

I’m Not A Racist?

The drive home from work today was eventful. And to clarify, I am white as the driven snow. I stopped at a store, and while pulling into the parking lot, a black man stopped crossing the road, like he was afraid I might hit him. I didn’t, I stopped and he went into the shop.
I parked and wound up behind in line at the cash register. I leaned in and told him, “I wouldn’t have hit you, it would mess up my car, and I’ve never hit anyone..knock on wood”. He laughed, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I think I have swiped three people, but never killed anyone”, laughing. I knew in a heartbeat that this is a person I could trust.
He left the store, and did I shortly after. He was parked right next to me, with another person in the car. I dropped off my purchase in my car and waved to him. I had to stop at the shop next door, so walked away. I got what was needed and left 15 minutes later.
Some three miles away, on my way home and close now, I pulled up to a stop light and next to me was the same man. Now he was alone in the car, having dropped off his passenger. What are the odds of this happening?
I inched up until he looked over at me, I waved with a big smile, and he laughed too. The coincidence was now obvious to us both. Next time I run into him (not literally) we will have to sit down and chat. I don’t think I am a racist, but we all still have instantaneous thoughts from time to time, I didn’t today. In my case, I think these happen just to remind me of what I have left behind.

Thunderstorm Passing


Color/Hue manipulated

ISS Expedition 36


Full image set here:

They are on their way to the ISS right now. I think at 7PM EST you can watch the docking sequence here;

How A Galaxy Forms

More time lapse, beautiful though. Watch it in HD.

Time Lapse Pencil Drawing

I miss drawing…

Give A Kid A Lollipop, Then take It Away

SONY DSCTerrible practice, but some beautiful photography.

A Chocolate Zoetrope

I wish there was a better way to shoot the video (Need high speed I think). Very cool though.

Lou Marco

20th Century Death

You should right click and save this so you can zoom in and read all the details..

Return Of The Cicadas

Beautifly done.



Professor Kliq

I have complete respect for anyone doing stop motion. This is great.

When Galxies Collide

Star Trek Continues (Episode 1)

Scotty’s son plays Scotty..
It’s quite a homage to the original series.

Beautiful Midway Island

Think about what you are going, pick up the plastic.

Tame Impala

Some cool video/animation transitions, but it’s NSFW. The song is not dirty at all..

MC Escher Inspired Interlocking Wooden Floor Lizards


I can’t imagine how hard it is to cut these to fit the hall, during installation!!??