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Dance Photography By Abanna

Digital Art By ArtGerm

Old Japanese Wood Block Prints Animated

Great stuff;

Berlin Album Art

More Music (new stuff)

The Belle Brigade

Metric – Lie Lie Lie (released just today)

Rebekah Dobbins

Tiny Stills

Kali Uchis

Galaxy Messier 96

This made my head spin when I looked at it first thing this morning..

Nice Art By Mrs-White

Beautiful New Water Colors By Agnes Cecile

Conarte Library

Clouds Of Balloons

Giant Murals In France

Great work!!

What A Sonic Boom Looks Like

Well, all it takes is a 150 year old German originated technique of photography (film) called “schlieren”. I saw a movie explaining it in middle school (C. 1976) and was fascinated!

How does it work? Focal length..

A little video of it.

Riddle’s Cosplay

One of the best, all costumes custom made by hand (respect).

Lady Gaga Fashion Boon

Creepy Sculptures By Bugatha1

RS-25 Rocket Engine Tests

This goes on for a while…

Going to Mars (a dead planet that will never support life) takes a lot of fuel…

Love Cruise Resort

Includes a video;

Nice Digital Art (In Progress) By DestinyBlue

3D Printed Glass Sculptures (And More)

Abandoned And Forgotten

Wings Of The Butterfly


Asia’s Largest Glass Platform

(I’m not going out there)

I Enjoy The US Coast Guard Flickr Page..

Coast Guard Civilian Employee of the Year award 2018

Listen To Learn

Florence And The Machine (brief nudity)

Unilever Protest Rap

Air – Mike Mills (from Talkie Walkie)

Me And My (different)

New Metric;