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The Medical Center Metro Escalator

In the DC area, the quickest way to get around is the subway (Metro). Land lever traffic sucks and parking is always sparse. I had to go to Navy Medical for a technical issue, not a health thing. Stepping off the train and onto the escalator for the first time ever was a shock!

The picture doesn’t do this justice. Where it’s all white at the top there is another 100 feet or escalator, 202 feet total elevation. Did I mention I have Vertigo? I didn’t notice the height of this till I had stepped on. I walked up as much as I could, which kept me calm. Once I waked up to another passenger, I had to stop. I couldn’t let go of the hand rail. People heading down were looking at me funny, staring at my feet.

Needless to say, after my visit, I took the elevator back down to the subway..


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