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Why John Delaney Fails

My biggest issue with “Representative” Delaney is, he almost always votes with Republicans on big business, unfunded tax cuts for the rich and he himself is worth millions.

He was with them on;
Killing Net Neutrality;
Approves of TPA/TPP;
Pork filled Military spending;
Supports bad Mortgage practices;
He even ran a commercial on how this makes it easier to get a home loan, but fails to say that predatory lending is back!

Is Anti-immigrant;
Cuts taxes for business, but don’t pay for it;
Supports Fraking and exporting the Gas;
Blocks Syrian immigration to US after French and Belgium citizens attack Paris;

And he skips votes;

Always present when you have to rename a Post Office;

Again, votes for a trillion dollar big business tax cut without paying for it;

Constituents react to Fast track of TPP vote (they are totally correct);

His commercial about “helping with home ownership” is pegged to his vote to strip your protection from predatory lenders from the CFPB!


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