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Sculpted Furniture By Joris Laarman Lab

If It’s Monday…

Robot Koch – Eclipse. Cool song, great video..

Andy Shauf – The Magician

Trecco Beis (I like it, but nine buck is too much for 2 songs)

Conjure One – I Dream In Colour

Enceladus And Janus Above The Rings

Nuns Who Grow Weed

Some chill worship..

Abandoned Desert Hotels In Egypt

Economic victims of dictatorship..

Abandoned Hotels In The Egyptian Desert May As Well Be On Another Planet

Mini Architectural Sculptures In Solid Stone

A lot of Dremel work there…

New Miniature Architectural Structures Carved Into Raw Stone by Matthew Simmonds

Photo Of 52 Mile Wide Crater on Dwarf Planet Ceres

Just the edge..