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Funny Photos; People Watching Porn

These Photo Portraits Of People Watching Porn Are Funny, Sweet And Very Awkward

Illustrations By Rostislav Zagornov

Forgotten Heroes Of The Old Republic: Outstanding Illustrations Of Rostislav Zagornov

Tiny Houses Built On House Plants

Miniature Treehouse Sculptures Built Around Houseplants by Jedediah Voltz

Amazing Saturn Photos

Boobs For Bernie

They do get excited at Bernie rallies…
Photo credit Gage Skidmore

Original Anime By Yuu-Otosaka

Illustrations By Yuri Shwedoff

“The Way We Fall”: Eerie Illustrations Of An Apocalyptical World By Yuri Shwedoff

Illustrations; Father And Daughter

Illustrations Of A Dad And Daughter Will Give You Your Happy Cry For Today

Soldiers View Of Europe In The 1950s

31 Stunning Black And White Photos Of Europe In The Fifties Through A Soldier‘s Lens

Drone’s View Of Tokyo Cherry Blossoms

The National Museum Of Natural History

The rats are creepy..

Explore the Vast Scientific Collections of D.C.’s National Museum of Natural History Paired with Respective Experts

Mural Over 50 Buildings in Cairo

Way too much work…

News You Should Know

Ending child marriages in Malawi:

After the Panama Paper’s release, Iceland needed a new PM:

France outlaws prostitution, porn and pedophilia are still ok…

Saving Palmyra;

Your Plastic waste is killing whales;

Illustrations By Brad Kunkle

Manipulated Scenes

Some are cool. Some not.

Surreal Black And White Analog Photo-Montages By Thomas Barbèy

Early New York Waterworks

Yep, needed a car down there..

Neversink Dam exploratory caissons

If New York Fell

Nature reclaiming a city..

Lightscapes By Bruce Munro

“Field Of Light”: Bruce Munro Creates Fantastic Lighting Installations Across The Urban Landscapes

Fantasy Art By George Redreev

The Stunning Art of George Redreev

News Of The Week

Breaking News

Giant arch to block Chernobyl radiation;

Women of FARC

ISIS Damaged Palmyra Museum

Libya trying to get to normal;

The Panama Papers;

Tracks And A Tornado On Mars

Photos By Kourtney Roy

Paintings By Januz Miralles

Real Creepy Scarlett Johansson Robot

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