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Why Did McDonald’s Make Their Fries A Third Thinner?

Simple, a smaller, thinner fry still looks like “a lot” or even more fry’s. In actuality you are getting a lot more air and a lot less Potato. They also lose the temperature they were fried at much quicker, leaving you with a cold stale faggot of little Potato sticks. Not really a great gamble, but the shareholders love these kinds of schemes. Until the bottom line starts to slip, of course.
End of 2015 they reported a $2 Billion loss in Revenue.

They were able to maintain “income” numbers by cutting payroll and expenses (undocumented employees really helps here), but it’s totally legal.

They have also thinned all of the meat on every sandwich to be nearly paper thin. The only exception is the Quarter Ponder, which the courts decided must be made from a full ¼ pound of beef(ish stuff).
Other franchises have followed suit, Burger King’s “sandwiches” have cardboard thin layers of beef. They did introduce a hotdog though. What a winning idea, compete with 7-Eleven! And fire all of the cashiers, replace them with machines!

Right, look at Burger King’s financials, horrible. Look for your local store to fold soon. How’s that Inversion doing?
They can only keep the “System Wide Sales” numbers up, by increasing prices and cutting quality.
Sad to see what were once great establishments (for kids) devolve into a greed swilling cesspool lurching towards their ultimate doom.


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