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Pakistan’s New Island From Space

Earthquakes do this kind of thing, building and swallowing continents.
Earthquake Births New Island off Pakistan

300 Classic Cars For Sale

Quite a steal..

Elric of Melnibone

I think it’s Digital art, they don’t say..

Minsk And Moscow Protests

This is how to deal with peaceful protests in a Dictatorship

The ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Is Going Nowhere

And I love it!!

My Annual Eurovision Picks (2017 Part 1)

Albania’s Lindita has a Bond vibe.. Not bad at all

Azerbaijan’s Dihaj has a set of pipes on her..

Martina Bárta representing Czechland (neat video)

Moldova is always fun

Salvador Sobral for Portugal is endearing! Kinda love it..

Honorable mentions so far to Latvia and Slovenia. Full list of participants below.

Ice Structures On Abraham Lake