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Hina, A 14 Story Mural

Navigation Unknown –

By John Wentz

RIP June Foray

I had no idea she did the voices of Rocky and Natasha.

Did a lot more too…
June Foray, Voiceover Actress Behind Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Dead at 99

Some Mid-Week Music

Jon and Roy, sounds a bit like Mike Nesmith

New: Little Hurricane (very good song and video)

Fake Cops get over $1M in Military weapons

NGC 1512 and NGC 1510

Music Monday (Good Stuff!)

Little Dragon

Greenday crowd sings Bohenian Rhapsody

Man Man

Dream State

Illustrations By 1000Day

Art From BBC Focus Mag

Short Film, Perspective

Paintings By Joel Rea

What Up Wednesday?

Meanwhile at the Belarus military parade;

Peru is pissed about Equator’s “border wall”.

China and India continue fighing at the border

The PR firm working for Egypt’s spies in the US for $$$

Digital Art By LateRush

Living In A Lake Erie Lighthouse

With audio..

Paintings By Elisabeth McBrien

More at the link at the bottom of the above..

Digital Art By Ross Tran

Owl Shaped Cabin

Hot In The City

Beautiful Murals By Emmanuel Jarus

Forbidden Kingdom of Lo

Fireworks Safety

From the Consumer Product Safety Commission…