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Messier 107, These Are Not Individual Stars

Sunday’s Songs

Tinariwen – ‘Assàwt’

Tacocat live

La Luz

Kavka Shishido

New News

Iraq’s Arm re-takes Kirkuk without a fight

The proper way to have handled this, would be to ask the Kurds to hand security of Kirkuk back to Iraqi forces and then start negotiating the autonomous lines for their territory.

Um, the US Navy is using X-Box controllers for their Submarine Periscopes.

UK, you don’t get ti see the Brexit impact study you paid for..

Digging for water in the streets of Tripoli Libya

Hi/Bye Interstellar Comet..

Tuesday Tunes Today

Dengue Fever

New Starcadian, Funky…

The Tourist Company


Antares Ready For Launch

First launch attempt 11 November, at Wallops Island North East Virginia shore. Hope this one doesn’t blow up too..

Optical Illusion Tile Floor

Video at the bottom, very cool.