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Social Justice Kittens


Oh!rigami, Fashion And Digital Art

Digital Art By Yuumai

I love these..

Digital Art By Merky Merx

Christmas News And More

What do you want for Christmas?

White Christmas by Little Hurricane

Self explanatory

Tuesday’s News

Baltimore is still full of dirty cops

Pioneer female Soviet test pilot dies

Israeli soldiers arresting kids and caging them

Snow Monkeys are trying to mate with Deer

Trup Admin. banns awful words from the CDC, IE “Science based”. Who needs facts?

Germany faces a Dildo shortage

Saturday’s Songs

Born Ruffians

Yaeji – Raingurl [GODMODE]

Oh Man Bros

I don’t like the music, I just want those Jackets!

Marianas Trench (I don’t like most of their music)

Mr. Bungle

Space Glass Marble

AP’s Photos Of The Year

NGC 5256 Is Another Galactic Collision

Lil-Bit Creepy “Sculptures” By Adam Hillman

These are staples..

Self Portraits By Daniel Rueda And Anna Devís

What Went Down By François Ollivier

The Sinking Of The Christmas Ship In 1912

I am not happy at the tax dollars spent for the Christian “mission”, but I can’t hate a historical remembrance.

Some News

Space Junk removal mission

Modern US Attack Submarines (way nicer than the boat I served on in the 80’s)

Oregon’s traffic lights suck (The Ox don’t care)

Thanks Climate Change: Take a cruise thru th Northwest Passage

Random Things

Water Shrews

Cat lovers house

Vape Nation

Listen/Watch The Critically Endangered Amur Leopard Cough Up A Fur Ball

Never heard before, and it coughs up a fur ball…