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Illustrations By Michał Sawtyruk

Abu Dhabi Liwa Desert

From AFP:

Erin M. Photography

Full Body Suspension

I liken it to sky diving. It’s emotional because you are scared out of your mind and survive it most of the time. You could experience the same thing is a saltwater bath customized to your body weight to suspend you. No hooks required and you can hang out a lot longer.

France To Loan The Bayeux-Tapestry To England

Not sure why they want to display a tapestry depicting the the defeat of King Godwinson.

Space X Liftoff This Week

Full liftoff and stage 1 return.

Simulated Fly Through Of The Orion Nebula

More Than Enough Water On Mars

New News

The woman who created the Doctor Who theme:

The Russian Orthodox Priest Biker Calendar

Being single may kill you faster than obesity

H3N2 Virus (Flu) is nasty

Trump appoints anti-regulation, uneducated, pollution enthusiast to the Great Lakes. What could possibly go wrong? It’s just 86% of the American fresh water source.

Planetary Nebula NGC 7027

Um, It Snowed In The Sahara Desert

Not normal..this is Change

Falcons Are Parrots, Not Smaller Hawks

No wonder they’ve been so pissed off lately.

Photo’s – Chicago’s Homeless Opioid Migrants

Tuesday’s Tunes

New Go Team

Belle and Sebastian

New July Talk Live