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Illustrations By Berto Martinez

French waiter fired for being rude, claims discrimination;

Pest Control company goes too far to cleanup Chipotle;

Russian media boycotts the Russian Government

A galaxy without dark matter;

Why do I hate “organized” religion?

The Veil Nebula

The Week’s News

Woman attacks “gamer” boyfriend with a Samurai Sword:

Bars of Gold drop off Russian plane onto the runway

The Russian’s fighting in Syria and Ukraine aren’t happy

Moldovan man blows himself up with a Grenade while stealing Cigarettes

Draining Lake Ontario to mitigate spring flooding

Life On Mars, 2000 Days For Curiosity

Saturday’s Songs

Janelle Monáe

Alessia Cara

Holychild (I love a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Brief nudity warning)

Leanne Simpson


Illustrations By Victo Ngai

1990’s Russia, In Photos

Pygmy Sloths Of Panama

Pygmy Sloths

Photo Manipulations By Tullius Heuer

Photo’s By Reuben Wu, He Uses Drones

Illustrations By Michal Sawtyruk

Tuesday’s Tunes


TOlt (I love this)

CRi- Rush

Belle Game

U.S. Girls

Hubble Images The Cone Nebula