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More Damn Music!

Sunflower Bean

Florence And The Machine

Ben Khan

Avicii (RIP), just 11 million views.RIP

and over a billion

New News

Barcelona handing empty flats out to the homeless:

This is UK news:

The Plant Bandit of Dublin

Leftist leading in Mexico polls

Azerbaijan border service music video. has nothing on these guys..

Welcome Home

Making Of…the effects are mostly NOT CGI

Thursday’s Tunes

Kobo Town (live)

Barbara Hannigan – Crazy Girl Crazy (live)

Matmos and So Percussion

Little Junior

Frankie Cosmos

New Of The Week

Rocket lands in Ukrainian house, but doesn’t explode. Resident dismantles it…

Don’t fall off the boat in Alaska

India and Pakistan are making nuclear war more likely

10 Million pounds of human shit stranded in Parrish Alabama
Train hauling 10M pounds of human feces stranded in Walker County town: ‘God help us if it gets hot’

Happy 50th 2001 A Space Odyssey

The Way It Begins (Short Film)

Guaranteed you will smile at 2:05+