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Illustrations By Josie Morway

My Mountain Laurel Bush

After deciding to grow instead of flowering last year, we are back to near full bloom this year.



Immigrant Children Being Caged By Jeff Session’s Justice Department

It is unimaginable that my country is treating anyone this way. It’s an outrage on a scale that we need the UN to intervene.

Illustration By Florian Leible

Water Color+ Illustration By Thomas Cian

Multi-Millionaire John Delaney Continues To Gut Bank Regulations

He is running for President, and the DNC loves him. Lets see how he votes?

Weakening Bank Regs (Note: If a bank makes $10BN i’ts not a “Community Bank”)
Deregulate Hedge Funds
Opposes balanced budget
And just today, he voted to strip the bank regulations to stop another 2008 style financial meltdown

And his buddy David Trone is buying his House seat, the same way John did. Please don’t vote for these big money fake democrats.

Photos From Kilauea and other news

The Air Force lost a bunch of explosive munitions in North Dakota. $5K if you find them.

Daughter of Dubai’s Sheik ran away, got caught and has dissapeared