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NASA’s Dawn Spaceship Shuts Down Ion Engines For The Last Time

I have been following this mission from the beginning. To visit two dwarf planets with one spaceship is groundbreaking. Ion engines are the real future of deep space travel. They broke speed records!

Robot Stunt Doubles, For The Times When That Will Kill You

Fantasy Based Playing Cards and Paintings

By Wylielise

California’s Goofy Architecture

Colors Of Change

Zaria Forman paintings of Glaciers:

Landscapes By Cody Cobb

Paintings By Kathrin Longhurst

Iberian Architecture

Illustrations By Oriol Vidal (Summertime)

Saturday’s Songs

Orgy, Blue Monday

Stacey Kent

Lianne LA Havas

Elanor Friedberger – He didn’d mention his mother


New News

Did anyone not expect Plastic turns up in Mussels? It’s not just in the UK folks..

China hacks NUWC, gets secret missile plans

The perfect storm, on Mars

Trump rescinds Obama policy protecting oceans

Digital Art Bu Hideyoshi

Great use of shading

The Last Safe Place For India’s Alligators

Rainbow Light Art From Laura Staugaitis

Illustrations And Paintings By Fintan Magee

There is a link to his website at the bottom of this;

New News For Yous..

Thieves are truly stupid

Banning single use plastics

Because single use plastics are killing the Ocean

Libya headed for elections, finally

Norman, the tortured AI that is now evil