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Murals Of Pow Pow Long Beach 2018

Digital Art By mcptato

Illustrations By Andrew Archer

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Canvas: Fashion Photography

Opposite House

I like everything except the marble Dining Room table.

Sakhalin Lighthouse

Thursday’s Thrilling Tunes!


Michael Nesmith

Carmen Campagne (died this week, RIP) A great entertainer of Children

Honey Honey live in Chicago

I know, I am being “sensational”. I do know myself and everything is intentional. Unless it’s not and I say so.

As It Spirals To It’s Demise, Dawn Is Sending Back Great Photos

Note, unlike BBC, we in the US don’t block our content from other countries. The Photos are from Dwarf Planet Ceres in the Asteroid Belt where the Dawn Spaceship will be retired.

Pleated Fashion By Iris Van Herpen

Digital Landscape Illustrations By Vivien Bertin

Altered Photos By Marina Amaral
They look way less old.

Early Algae Bloom On Lake Erie

Thank you selfish Farmers

Digital Art By Pascal Campion

Unique Lamps From EarthenPony

Great Digital Painting Skill By Aliena85

French Bookstore Has Patrons Fill In Book Covers

These are great!

NGC 2623 Two Galaxies Become One

This picture shows the Galaxies 250 Million years ago. It probably hasn’t changed much, galactic merging happens pretty slowly.