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Photography By Mjochumsen

Star Hen 2-427 Enveloped

A Bunch Of News

Still tooling arpound Mars, but it’s very dusty!

The Dublin Crapper Crisis

NASA’s new umbrella heat shield

Liberia central loses $104 million dollars, they are worth about .5 cents US each.

Trump suggested Spain build a Wall across The Sahara (just 3000 miles), in the Desert! Should be easy enough.

Is Russia Invading Finland, In Slow Motion?

A Dawn Raid in the Archipelago

Monday’s Music

Se. Morimoto

New Wet Secrets Video

New Little Hurricane

Jassbusters possibly the worst “serious” song of the decade.

Machito & Graciela, Si Si No No

If I Lived Here, I Would Probably Murder Anyone Else In The House

Interesting Underwater Photos/Video

Futuristic Illustrations From Mikolaj Piszczako