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Asteroids Do What??

Asteroid 6478 Gault is self destructing

Asteroid Bennu spits a plume

The Most Endangered Species In the US States

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japan

Where else?? Try the Battery Burger

Sunday’s Songs

Jackie Mendoza

Royksopp Lost Tapes

Ex Hex

New Asteroids

Stella Donelley

Little Dragon

Sunday’s News

German man saved from drowning by the seat of his pants

Not Snakes, it’s a Scorpion on the Plane

Yay, most coasts will be under water before your kids are your age.

WWII, the war the just keeps on giving

People involved in the Ferguson MO protests are suddenly dying.

Right Place, Wrong Tim (short)

History Of The Blue Crane Of Dublin

Photos: Barcelona From Above

Rainbow Ceiling In China Bookstore

Murals Of POW! WOW! Hawaii 2019

Climax, A Dance Movie

Looking forward this..freaky.

Glass Sculptures

An Homage To Iceland (Photos)

Vladimir Malakhovsky