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Press Photgraphy

A Lot Of News..

Woman struck by falling Sofa

Dishwasher regulations are a thing and a problem..

Horse murderer in Kentucky

Texas teen strangles “embarrasing” pregnant sister

Arson stikes South Carolina Church
The Klan is alive and well down there..
Hong Kong Protesters boycot unfriendly business

The Turkmenistan President is no Kim Jong Un

Bite Me Gum

Bite Me: Packaging Insults Chewers as They Grab a Piece of Tooth-Shaped Gum

A Star Is Born, But We Can’t See It

Unique Windows In Amsterdam Fabric Shop

Amsterdam Storefront Windows Imitate Billowing Transparent Fabric in Renovation by UNStudio

Soda Bottle Crates, Shot From Above

Crates Stacked in Beverage Yard Form Color-Coded Rows in Aerial Photographs by Bernhard Lang

Messier 82, The Starburst Galaxy

The red is plumes of Hydrogen.