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Northern Winds By Nick Bondarev

The News Of The Week

A painting stolen years before, turns up inside the Gallery wall

Utah Condoms are hack..

Ex-President’s daughter looks pretty crooked in Angola..

Malysia says the UK can keep their garbage..

Corona Virus continues it’s global spread

Thai police auction a car full of drugs..

Ornamental Animal Illustrations By Yo Az

Giant Metal Sculptures

Enormous Metal Sculptures by Selçuk Yılmaz Embody Chaotic Effects of Climate Change

Morphing Paintings By Thoma Medicus

This Week’s News

Conservative Karyn Turk heading to prison for stealing mother’s Social Security

Egypt courts at odd with Muslim Clerics over child marriages

Egypt’s top court says ‘Urfi’ marriage of minors is a violation of children’s rights

We missed the My Little Pony conference in Vancouver..

Coal Miners in Kentucky block Coal Train

Chemical Plant explosion in Spain kills a man 2 miles away

God Damn Burger King..

Margaret Watts-Hughes And The Eidophone