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Getting Old By Sergi Cadenas

Frozen Caves

Massive Ice Formations Crystalize in Incredible Photographs by Paxson Woelber

007 James Bond Tribute Watches

Monday’s News

Live frog found in a grown whole green pepper

Ukrainins attack Ukrainian evacueesreturning from China

How Lava Lamps are made (video)

Orcas swim from Iceland to Lebanon, then die from a lack of food

The great Buenos Ares bank robbery (good read)

Anti Trump billboard in Las Vegas

Texas man manages to shoot 6 people and himself

Galaxy NGC691

Creepy Assed Ceramics I would never buy something like this…

New News

Hoisting Anteras (photos)

Syria and Russia attacking Hospitals

Trump Admin is right back to holding Ukrainian Aid

Michigan Government buildings close due to lack of heat

Washington moves to keep Iraq’s money away from Iraq

Lifelike respiratory masks