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Wood Stick Sculptures By Gil Bruvel

Cardboard Sculptures By Greg Olijnyk

Photography From Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda

Glass Bottom Bridge In China

Vases By Sandra Apperloo

A Transformed Lighthouse In Spain

News Of The Week

Quebec is set to start enforcing use of French only

Keeping trash out of the Ocean:


Karate grannies of Nairobi

Burger King is called Hungy Jacks in Australia

A supercomputer figures out COVID-19 nuances

Animation depicts gravitational lensing

Light from galaxies behind a powerful gravity source appear around the edges deformed

RIP Diana Rigg

News of the Week

UFO lands in Congo, turns out to be an Internet provider balloon

Iran cuts water to Kurdish Iraq areas

Woman sues husband to stop his medically assisted death

Raging asshole puts metal shards in Babyfood for a blackmail scheme

Peace breaks out in Libya

The UK is training the wrong militaries

I hate this new editor

I can’t post anything like I could a few weeks ago, so I think this blog is dead. If the site goes back to a simple way to publish I might check back in. What the hell are BLOCKS!!!!???? It’s not a thing in writing.

Still More News

Child Trafficing ring busted in Michigan

COVID-19 virus traveling on frozen Chinese food packaging

There was a Military COUP in Mali this week

Chicago slows crowding downtown by raising all the bridges at night

USPS Ohio warns mail delivery delays, impacts Prescriptions and Ballots

Kyrgyzstan treating COVID-19 with Bloodletting

Libya is trading Oil for goods again

All The Week’s News

Banana Slugs slime Alaska

Now that’s a facemask

London cops just smash the windows if people leave a dog in their cars

Armed robbery of lemon-aide stand in Peoria

Legal battle, Pear vs Apple

Turkey’s economy crashes

Cardboard recycling theives making $Millions

Solar Panels that produce 1/3rd more power

The New Zeland Wizard has NOT retired

Canada wants US the border to stay closed

The Weekend’s Music

Pipeline funk

Dirty Projectors

Jade Bird

The Cooties

Black Tones



City-scapes By Atelier Olschinsky

New News

Detroit man takes bet to swim across 7 foot deep pond and drowns

UK man burns down flat trying to propose to girlfriend

Canada’s last ice shelf collapses

Stranded Japanese ship near South Africa starts leaking oil

Illustrations By Kathe Butcher

Lyrical Illustrations by Käthe Butcher Explore Femininity, Emotion, and Human Intimacy

Bit Of News

Senate de-funds Stars and Stipes news

Texas implements Death Panels because COVID-19 is out of control

Russia sent mercenaries to Belarus to destabilize the country before elections

Canada’s new Arctic war ship enters service (America has NONE)

Michigan parents allow kids to access their gun, 4yo shoots sister

The Week’s News

Rodents and Cockroaches moving into the Inland Empire, California

Rodents, roaches, no hot water: Restaurant closures in the Inland Empire, July 10-16

Disneyland’s 1955 Opening Day disaster

Jordan finally taxing the rich, and they don’t like it

25 Million Iranians have COVID-19

China Flooding

Detroit man violates probation, turns himself in and brings doughnuts

Metro Detroit Man Who Taunted Police On Facebook Turns Self In, Brings Donuts

Distant solar system photographed for the first time


Digital Art By The Flood

Frank Bohbot’s Photos Of France

Painting On Water

Nako River Wetland Park China (Photos)

The Week’s News

Oregon man steals a car and crashes onto a woman, also in a stolen car.

First Trans SI Swimsuit model

Chinese bus driver crashes bus into reservoir after government demolishes his house

UK will dismantle 5G infrastructure. It will cost $2 billion.

Cairo pipeline catches fire

Go-Pro for insects

GoPro for Beetles: Robotic Camera Backpack Developed for Insects and Tiny Robots

Orb Installation In Taiwan Forest

Airy, Wooden Orb Inlaid with LED Lights Radiates Throughout a Dim Forest in Taiwan