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Cassini’s Grand Finale

Cool short, watch HD. They have more info here;

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The Lemon Twigs

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Heaps Good Friends

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Hey, fly United!
United Airlines Flight Grounded After Passengers Watched Jet Fuel Pour Out Of Wing

Teenage UK boys wear skirts to school after shorts ban;

DAESH destroys another Mosque:

Saving the Snow Leapord by hunting some of them;

Mars Rover spootted from orbit.

Lake Erie aint doing so good, 300 million people at risk;

New Roll-able ROSA Solar Arrays

How big is this? Look!

Paintings By Tanya Shatseva

Creatures 2,Illustrations

I love these..

News To Yous

Seed vault floded..

The Bulldozers Of War–and-more-vulnerable–in-the-fight-against-the-islamic-state/2017/05/29/0e6caf3a-409a-11e7-b29f-f40ffced2ddb_story.html?tid=pm_world_pop&utm_term=.1f176a4fc5f8

The FAKE $100BN Arms deal with Saudi Arabia

11YO UK girl helps deliver her baby brother

Hong Kong needs a place to put their trash