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Full Body Suspension

I liken it to sky diving. It’s emotional because you are scared out of your mind and survive it most of the time. You could experience the same thing is a saltwater bath customized to your body weight to suspend you. No hooks required and you can hang out a lot longer.


France To Loan The Bayeux-Tapestry To England

Not sure why they want to display a tapestry depicting the the defeat of King Godwinson.

Space X Liftoff This Week

Full liftoff and stage 1 return.

Simulated Fly Through Of The Orion Nebula

More Than Enough Water On Mars

New News

The woman who created the Doctor Who theme:

The Russian Orthodox Priest Biker Calendar

Being single may kill you faster than obesity

H3N2 Virus (Flu) is nasty

Trump appoints anti-regulation, uneducated, pollution enthusiast to the Great Lakes. What could possibly go wrong? It’s just 86% of the American fresh water source.

Planetary Nebula NGC 7027