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Music Monday!

That Dog (great drummer)

Lizzy & the Triggermen, cover the Stokes

Jennifer Hall (pretty amazing, stay with it)

Sing It On Saturday

Half Waif, very intersting song!

Monks – Boy Are Boys from that iPhone7 Sticker commercial…

Ezra Furman (I love these videos)

Some new Eliza Rickman live (one of a kind)

My Eurovision Picks (2017 Round 2)

Macedonia is catchy..

Romania took a big risk and it pays off.

Netherlands gets harmony right (so rare these days)

Jimmie Wilson’s voice is a kickback to the 70’s *San Marino*

I didn’t know San Marino was its own little Republic.

Belarus keeps it fun with NAVIBAND

My Annual Eurovision Picks (2017 Part 1)

Albania’s Lindita has a Bond vibe.. Not bad at all

Azerbaijan’s Dihaj has a set of pipes on her..

Martina Bárta representing Czechland (neat video)

Moldova is always fun

Salvador Sobral for Portugal is endearing! Kinda love it..

Honorable mentions so far to Latvia and Slovenia. Full list of participants below.

Saturday’s Songs


Little Hurricane (new one)

Tycho – See

Music Monday

Ibibio Sound Machine

Tei Shi

Billy Vaughn (so 1970)

Low Cut Connie

Nothing else good to talk about in the world..

Tuesday’s Tunes

New Little Hurricane

The Coathangers
video before effects

after effects