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RIP June Foray

I had no idea she did the voices of Rocky and Natasha.

Did a lot more too…
June Foray, Voiceover Actress Behind Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Dead at 99

Paintings By Elisabeth McBrien

More at the link at the bottom of the above..

Owl Shaped Cabin

Korea’s Highline

The Erie Canal Still Works

Going Great In Venezuela!

The country is imploding, and the “president” will kill all the protesters…

Gameknot Is A Crap Chess Website

So, I have been a “member” of this chess community for over 10 years. A few weeks ago I got a message that my browser was “blocking ADs”. I checked and IE was doing that, so I switched to Firefox, which blocks nothing..

I messaged the site and heard nothing. Today, I can’t start or join a game. The top pic is what I see on the main page, and the second is the message I get. Notice any ADs???

After paying them a premium for years, when I switched to a basic free plan, they do this? Not very user friendly. I won’t be back. Sorry to rant-ish..