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CSM Week In Photos


Murals By Vile I love these..

Thursday News

Science: How do these Geese migrate over mountains:

Slowed metabolism helps geese fly high

Teen goes blind after diet of Fries and sliced Ham

The US is still ready to blow up the world..

They have gay Penguins at London Museum

Israel spying on the US Government

News Of The Week

The Columbia River treaty..

India’s Moon Lander didn’t

The Russia/Ukraine Prisoner Swap

Pennsylvania Woman busted for peeing on Walmart Potatoes
When asked, “Why not on the fruit?” She said “They never did nothing to me.”

US manufacturing is stalling

Gay conversion A-Hole comes out as Gay

Lake Eyre By Kati Thanda

Jeremy Cowart Photography

Wednesday’s News

NGC 4038 And NGC 4039

The early plans to land on the moon (before Kennedy)

State of Radioactive Patients not told to Doctors in Russia

Swastika ride shut down in Germany