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Friday’s News

A bird kills power to downtown Boise Idaho

Immigrant children warehoused at the US/Mexico border

The new Cold War

Guess what I just purchased today?


Illustrations By Andrew Archer

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Galaxy NGC 6744

Mudfest (Short Film)

Maslenitsa Frenzy. Nikola-Lenivets 2018

A Pagan ritual in Russia.

Full Body Suspension

I liken it to sky diving. It’s emotional because you are scared out of your mind and survive it most of the time. You could experience the same thing is a saltwater bath customized to your body weight to suspend you. No hooks required and you can hang out a lot longer.

The Sinking Of The Christmas Ship In 1912

I am not happy at the tax dollars spent for the Christian “mission”, but I can’t hate a historical remembrance.