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Illustrations By Michal Sawtyruk


Tuesday’s Tunes


TOlt (I love this)

CRi- Rush

Belle Game

U.S. Girls

Mid-Week News

Needville Independent School District in Texas threatens to suspend students who protest. How’s your 1st Amendment?

Australin boy fights hiccups through the National Anthem (not news, just funny)

Inside the Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen

RIP Emma Chambers

Co-Ed Lucha Libre

Maplin and ToysRUs UK go bankrupt in the UK, Brexit’s going great…

The Rape Kit testing backlog, is still a thing

Drawings By Daan Noppen

Links to the website at the bottom here;

Maslenitsa Frenzy. Nikola-Lenivets 2018

A Pagan ritual in Russia.