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Music Monday!

That Dog (great drummer)

Lizzy & the Triggermen, cover the Stokes

Jennifer Hall (pretty amazing, stay with it)

What News?

Immortal Stem-Cells can produce blood on demand (because science+)

Venezuela steps closer to Dictatorship, even as the country implodes.’-powers

Texas Dem. Rep introduces bill to ban free mastubation

How to blow up a tank in Syria, by Faylaq al-Sham

Gameknot Is A Crap Chess Website

So, I have been a “member” of this chess community for over 10 years. A few weeks ago I got a message that my browser was “blocking ADs”. I checked and IE was doing that, so I switched to Firefox, which blocks nothing..

I messaged the site and heard nothing. Today, I can’t start or join a game. The top pic is what I see on the main page, and the second is the message I get. Notice any ADs???

After paying them a premium for years, when I switched to a basic free plan, they do this? Not very user friendly. I won’t be back. Sorry to rant-ish..

Um, “Space Bikinis”

No one can hear you apply sunscreen in space..