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Tuesday’s News

The $908 Burger, celebrates Japan’s new emperor

Why the UK Drives in the Left (the Queen did it);

Actors ready to boycott Georgia productions over Hearthbeat bill

Russian Blood Candy Bars

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Pulls The Trifecta

Not only taxing pensions and busting Unions, Rick now goes after Women’s reproducive health.  The Koch brothers will pat you on the head like the good lap dog that you are Rick.  Good luck in the election, if you even bother to run.

Romney is VERY Pro Life

Put away your uterus’ ladies, no hope for you here..

Joe Walsh Goes Way Right

No abortion ever, good luck getting reelected dude.  As mad as I get hearing MEN dictate WOMEN’S reproductive rights, I can’t imagine how infuriated the women are.

Canada’s Conservatives Try To Define When “Life” Begins

Rona Ambrose  Baffled why Rona (A staunch women’s rights advocate) voted for this study?  Maybe to just settle the matter, but she says she opposes sex selective abortions.  Who doesn’t?


Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell Rewrites State Abortion Laws

They have been warned it violates the State’s Constitution.  Most of the writing of rules is being done in secret..

Once again, the Catholic Church pushes it’s will onto the 78% of Americans that are not Catholic..

Rep. Todd Akin Said What?

Really, “Legitimate Rape” vitims don’t get pregnant? Good luck with that re-election idiot.