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The Week’s News You Didn’t Know

Russia’s Arctic Army base

Israel crashes a spacecraft on the moon–with-a-crash/2019/04/11/2fb1791e-5c7c-11e9-98d4-844088d135f2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.12543efee597

Canada’s Quebec Province is not interested in piping Oil towards the East Coast.

Rat’s, it’s what’s for dinner:

DAESH claims new Caliphate in Africa

A Comedian beats Ukrain’s sitting President…

Capturing Waves

Incredible Images Capture The Raw Beauty Of Waves Breaking Off The Coast Of South Africa

Fortress Towns Of M’Zab Valley

Colorful Cape Town

I will never go there, but it looks interesting…

Operation United Assistance


Helping fight Ebola.

Cricket On Mount Kilimanjaro

World elevation record for a game;

Sad State Of Mental Illness In Africa


Absolutely horrible, via PBS;