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Week’s News

Napoleon “Expert” chopped up his girlfriend…

Venice Council office floods right after rejecting Climate Change litigation

Rural Russia turns to Fostering kids to maintain a population

Erosion drains a lake in Alaska

Blunt force Art Heist

Last Week’s Odd news

Cheese Factory giveaway got out of hand

Soyuz Lannch Time lapse from the ISS

Threats as permafrost melts

Perryville Alaska isn’t bothered by their Volcano

New Of The Week

Rocket lands in Ukrainian house, but doesn’t explode. Resident dismantles it…

Don’t fall off the boat in Alaska

India and Pakistan are making nuclear war more likely

10 Million pounds of human shit stranded in Parrish Alabama
Train hauling 10M pounds of human feces stranded in Walker County town: ‘God help us if it gets hot’

NASA Sounding Rocket Launch In Alaska

Great photo, click it.

Amazing Photo Of That Alaska Rocket Launch

Sounding Rockets In Alaska

Ruth Glacier