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Friday Night News

Canada, take your trash back

Hey, a new One Horned Indian Rhino!

Who’s watching out for the bad asteroids?

Egypt shuts down much of the internet to help ferry though pro dictatorial Constitutional changes.

Asteroids Do What??

Asteroid 6478 Gault is self destructing

Asteroid Bennu spits a plume

First Observed Interstellar Visitor
It’s obviously a probe now returning to it’s home planet. Expect conquering visitors soon…

The Earth Has Two Moons, For A While

Probably about 70 meters across (little less than a Football Field).

This 3600 FT Long Asteroid Passes Us Safely Tomorrow
Very strange shape…

The Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145

Wider than 4 Football fields and moving fast. Wonder when it will be back? It will be a bit farther away than the Moon..

(Video) Contact Binary Asteroid 1999 JD6

Cool Radar video. Passing pretty far from Earth, but at over a mile wide, if something nudges it into an impact orbit it would likely be an extinction event..