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The Fiscal Cliff

Well, this “bi-partizan” solution to the cliff will increase the National Debt by $4 Trillion over 10 years.  That pure genius…

The US Congress redefines inept.

Hopefully the US House will kill this and let it all go over the cliff.


The Fiscal Cliff

So instead of Skiing over the Fiscal Cliff like James Bond, we will slither over it like Gollum.

In the process (and really taking advantage that no one was looking), the Senate Minority Leader (Mitch [Fuck You] McConnell) took all of protections and savings out of the Farm Bill that will go to the House. He didn’t even consult the leaders of the Agricultural Committee. Balls! I bet Ashley Judd will enjoy snipping those off (metaphorically).

The really amazing thing that happened today was, Jon Bo[eh]ner closed down the US House, and will not pop out of his weasel hole, until he gets re-elected Speaker. I can only hope his party in the House knows a coward when they see one, and votes his ass down. Who ever may emerge in Bo[eh]ners place, I won’t like him (and I say “HIM” because that boy’s club would never let a woman hold the position), but I will only hope they have the balls to stand up and lead.  Because real leaders know how to cut a deal.  Bo[eh]ner had to punt that to the Senate.

If he regains the Speakership, Jon will hold up a torch of power, and immediately count on the other Party to pass legislation to mitigate tax hikes on Millionaires.  I can only hope they kill it dead jointly, and Jams Bond appears to grab that Gavel, skis off the top of the Capital Building, and bangs Michele Bachman against a dumpster behind a K-Street Bar.

In my opinion, go over the “cliff” with no deal, then pop up the bill with everything Obama wants, and dare Republicans to vote against those tax cuts. Check Mate..