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History Of The Blue Crane Of Dublin

California’s Goofy Architecture

The Sinking Of The Christmas Ship In 1912

I am not happy at the tax dollars spent for the Christian “mission”, but I can’t hate a historical remembrance.

Mary Shelley’s Bedroom Artifacts

It’s her Birthday!

Ancient Islamic Weapons And Armor

From the Met

Love In Ancient Persia’s Paintings

Smithsonian African American Museum

Good read..

What Victorian’s Threw Away

Go into the database and look around, interesting..


Secrets Of The Thames

Vintage Swimwear (Photos)

Amazingly, actually has something interesting;

Robert Hubert’s Paintings

A 1920’s Lawn Party On Governor’s Island NYC

Three Centuries Of American Prints

Galactic Politics; NGC 7252

Color Photos From 1913


The Last Chained Libraries


Found; 60 Historic Cars Worth $18M


Evolution Of Brit Soldiers Kits


Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastary


Retro Charlotte


Some intersting stuff;

Parade Of Skeletons


A Couple Things..

Throww back, to the first class of female US Astronauts;

And these have invaded Florida..
f076b-p1010261 Photo;

Atlantic Bus Festival


That’s HD, cool flickr photo set;

Hubble And Time


I post this only because it explains pretty well, how the observsations made by the Hubble Telescope are really windows into millions and billions of years of history. And that is only because it took the light that long to reach us. I don’t think many people realize that fact.