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The Week’s News You Didn’t Know

Russia’s Arctic Army base

Israel crashes a spacecraft on the moon–with-a-crash/2019/04/11/2fb1791e-5c7c-11e9-98d4-844088d135f2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.12543efee597

Canada’s Quebec Province is not interested in piping Oil towards the East Coast.

Rat’s, it’s what’s for dinner:

DAESH claims new Caliphate in Africa

A Comedian beats Ukrain’s sitting President…

History Of The Blue Crane Of Dublin

Some New New News

India blocks large retailers from edging out local small vendors.

Idiot builds house by cliff in Ireland, now wants everyone else pay to save the house before it crumples into the sea..

Trevor the Dog Balloon

Trump’s EPA imposes new way to kill kids

Canada want’s part of Minnesota

New News

Barcelona handing empty flats out to the homeless:

This is UK news:

The Plant Bandit of Dublin

Leftist leading in Mexico polls

Azerbaijan border service music video. has nothing on these guys..

Garth Brooks Turns Ireland Upside Down


Audio included;

Ireland Quietly Secures Further Bank Bailouts From Germany

And the rest of the EU gets to pay for it, while Ireland chugs along harboring foreign tax evading Companies (Google).  Um, Google didn’t want Ireland to raise taxes on Corporations, and Germany just supported that.  Let the people pay the tax…