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First Likely Mars-Quake Recorded


The Week’s News

Oumuamua may be an Alien probe (NOT)

Curiosity fully operational

Motel 6 agrees to $8.9M settlement for funneling Latino guests’ names to ICE

The last seconds of WWI, in audio (amazing what peace sounds like)

Eerie recording reveals moment the guns fell silent at the end of WW1

Tuesday’s Newsworthy News

Cutting edge Journalism:

When the Fuel runs out: Dawn and Kepler end of mission

Get your Moon Rocks here!

Parachute approve for 2021 Mars Rover Landing

Ireland Parliament pissed the Pope want’s them to pay 4M Pounds for Pope’s visit

Life On Mars, 2000 Days For Curiosity

More Than Enough Water On Mars

Curiosity, 5 Years On

Signature Plaque on Mars Curiosity Rover