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Saturday’s Songs

Janelle MonĂ¡e

Alessia Cara

Holychild (I love a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Brief nudity warning)

Leanne Simpson



Tuesday’s Tunes


TOlt (I love this)

CRi- Rush

Belle Game

U.S. Girls

Valentine Tunes

Not all of them..
Blue Man and Venus Hum (amazing)

Sleep Makes Waves

Great Northern – Home

Born Ruffians

Thursday’s Thoughts And Tunes

Don’t leave water in the Arizona desert.

Leave water in the desert, you go to jail

Dutch Hackers watched Russia hack the 2016 US Election

Small village in Russia promotes itself with slick website

The Wet Secrets

Japanese Breakfast

The Go Team

Say Hi

Tuesday’s Tunes

New Go Team

Belle and Sebastian

New July Talk Live

Christmas News And More

What do you want for Christmas?

White Christmas by Little Hurricane

Self explanatory

Saturday’s Songs

Born Ruffians

Yaeji – Raingurl [GODMODE]

Oh Man Bros

I don’t like the music, I just want those Jackets!

Marianas Trench (I don’t like most of their music)

Mr. Bungle