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New News…

Hey, fly United!
United Airlines Flight Grounded After Passengers Watched Jet Fuel Pour Out Of Wing

Teenage UK boys wear skirts to school after shorts ban;

DAESH destroys another Mosque:

Saving the Snow Leapord by hunting some of them;

Mars Rover spootted from orbit.

Lake Erie aint doing so good, 300 million people at risk;

News To Yous

Seed vault floded..

The Bulldozers Of War–and-more-vulnerable–in-the-fight-against-the-islamic-state/2017/05/29/0e6caf3a-409a-11e7-b29f-f40ffced2ddb_story.html?tid=pm_world_pop&utm_term=.1f176a4fc5f8

The FAKE $100BN Arms deal with Saudi Arabia

11YO UK girl helps deliver her baby brother

Hong Kong needs a place to put their trash

Friday News Roundup

Sure you can breast feed in the Senate, in Australia.

Bogger halts Malware worm by accident.

The most plastic polluted place on Earth”

Reintroducing Wolves to Yellowstone changed the whole ecosystem.

New News

Army Photographer captures Mortar explosion that killed her

A local election in UK was just decided by drawing straws.

Venezuela is teargassing the general population

Play with how the mouth makes sounds (click-drag);

A 100 Million Dollar home, sales video

Not All Good News

Female Dragonflies fake death to avoid mating

Exxon Refinery in California lacked safety processes before it blew up

Chile man gets 26 years after pulling out girlfriend’s eyes for cooking badly

Russian Fake News in France’s election

More News

Dept. Of Energy dumps the term “Climate Change” and more.

US Airstrikes on Syria

Gay men, get out of Chechnya

Acid attacks doubled in the UK

Wild Bores kill 3 ISIS fighters

Russian Spy ship sinks off Turkey

Photo’s From The Guardian