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Some News

Space Junk removal mission

Modern US Attack Submarines (way nicer than the boat I served on in the 80’s)

Oregon’s traffic lights suck (The Ox don’t care)

Thanks Climate Change: Take a cruise thru th Northwest Passage


News Of The World

We are so screwed (robots)

Oh, Turtles are cool..

Pakistan calls in the Army due to blasphemy riots

Japan doesn’t know what to do with the many tons of Radioactive water from Fukushima

EU pulling out of the UK ahead of likely hard Brexit

News To You (video)

Extermination of an ISIL convoy (brutal);

Cool, Supersonic Parchute!

Open carry Swrords or Machete’s in Texas;

Heard of Morgellons?

World News

Near 30′ waves recorded on Lake Superior, a record for all the Great Lakes..

Oh hey, Monkey Pox..

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe fired his deputy because she plotted with witchcraft’s-Mugabe-says-fired-deputy-plotted-via-witchcraft

Mike Tyson kicked out of Chile

Women in UK Politics speak out about harassment

New News

Iraq’s Arm re-takes Kirkuk without a fight

The proper way to have handled this, would be to ask the Kurds to hand security of Kirkuk back to Iraqi forces and then start negotiating the autonomous lines for their territory.

Um, the US Navy is using X-Box controllers for their Submarine Periscopes.

UK, you don’t get ti see the Brexit impact study you paid for..

Digging for water in the streets of Tripoli Libya

Weekly News

114 Pigs suvive truck crash in Ireland, still get slaughtered

A Terrorist attempt in North Carolina that got no press, because the guy is white

A Nutty Wedding Day

Our Bats are dying

New News To Yous

UK Airline Monarch Totally Fails

Russian Soldiers banned from Selfies after being Id’ in Ukraine

Trump leaving Las Vegas this week. Form your own opinion of the “meaning” of the photo. I think it’s leaving before the problem is fixed.

Nazi brain experiments