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New News

Did anyone not expect Plastic turns up in Mussels? It’s not just in the UK folks..

China hacks NUWC, gets secret missile plans

The perfect storm, on Mars

Trump rescinds Obama policy protecting oceans


New News For Yous..

Thieves are truly stupid

Banning single use plastics

Because single use plastics are killing the Ocean

Libya headed for elections, finally

Norman, the tortured AI that is now evil

New News

Protests prompt Armenian PM to resign. This never works here in the USA

The protests in Armenia continue

Spanish woman looks like Trump

India needs water (spend some money, it’s all around you)

Yemen’s island paradise, now controlled by the UAE due to the Civil War.

Photos of Afghan blast this week (bloody)

New News

Barcelona handing empty flats out to the homeless:

This is UK news:

The Plant Bandit of Dublin

Leftist leading in Mexico polls

Azerbaijan border service music video. has nothing on these guys..

New Of The Week

Rocket lands in Ukrainian house, but doesn’t explode. Resident dismantles it…

Don’t fall off the boat in Alaska

India and Pakistan are making nuclear war more likely

10 Million pounds of human shit stranded in Parrish Alabama
Train hauling 10M pounds of human feces stranded in Walker County town: ‘God help us if it gets hot’

French waiter fired for being rude, claims discrimination;

Pest Control company goes too far to cleanup Chipotle;

Russian media boycotts the Russian Government

A galaxy without dark matter;

Why do I hate “organized” religion?

The Week’s News

Woman attacks “gamer” boyfriend with a Samurai Sword:

Bars of Gold drop off Russian plane onto the runway

The Russian’s fighting in Syria and Ukraine aren’t happy

Moldovan man blows himself up with a Grenade while stealing Cigarettes

Draining Lake Ontario to mitigate spring flooding