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New Of The Week

Rocket lands in Ukrainian house, but doesn’t explode. Resident dismantles it…

Don’t fall off the boat in Alaska

India and Pakistan are making nuclear war more likely

10 Million pounds of human shit stranded in Parrish Alabama
Train hauling 10M pounds of human feces stranded in Walker County town: ‘God help us if it gets hot’

News Of The World

We are so screwed (robots)

Oh, Turtles are cool..

Pakistan calls in the Army due to blasphemy riots

Japan doesn’t know what to do with the many tons of Radioactive water from Fukushima

EU pulling out of the UK ahead of likely hard Brexit

Monday News

Five Taliban acquitted of murder? Really Pakistan?
The day this happened, I was devastated. So much hope lost.

Italy helps pay Libya Militia’s to stop human traffickers

Canada’s secret underground railroad for Chechen gays

Pakistan’s New Island From Space

Earthquakes do this kind of thing, building and swallowing continents.
Earthquake Births New Island off Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan

Great gathering of shorts vids;

The Worlds Newest Island

By the geological calendar, this is nothing big. Nice to see humans do what they always do. pollute everything they touch.

Burka Avenger

I am not sure about this one..maybe it’ll do some good before it gets shut down.

Baitul Hamd Mosque Destroyed By Pakistan Police

They blew it up, no suicide vest required. This is legal in Pakistan. And the US calls them an “ally”? With these abuses, really?

This is about what it would be like if US police blew up the Mormon Temple. A little outrage would be warranted.