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Orion’s right shoulder could go Supernova soon

Masturbation boosts you immune system

A loophole lets you get away with murder in part of Yellowstone

Build a Baby Yoda

Highway to the radioactive danger zone (in Russia)

How Patient 31 gave South Korea Covid-19

New News

Hoisting Anteras (photos)

Syria and Russia attacking Hospitals

Trump Admin is right back to holding Ukrainian Aid

Michigan Government buildings close due to lack of heat

Washington moves to keep Iraq’s money away from Iraq

Lifelike respiratory masks

This Week’s News

Louisiana man holds gun to boy’s head for drinking the last soda

West Monroe man accused of pulling a gun on a 9-year-old over taking the last Dr. Pepper

I love diet Dr. Pepper, but…

Italians are not having babies

Boston Police nab enough Fentanyl to kill 2 Million people

Boston police seize enough fentanyl to kill over 2 million people

Oh wait, Russia has been faking “Scientific Journals”??

Ten year old kid dies stowing away in the undercarriage of a Jet

Russian Home Built Into Fake Landscape

niko architect weaves organic, futuristic house into artificial landscape in moscow

Week’s News

Napoleon “Expert” chopped up his girlfriend…

Venice Council office floods right after rejecting Climate Change litigation

Rural Russia turns to Fostering kids to maintain a population

Erosion drains a lake in Alaska

Blunt force Art Heist

Matryoshka Diamonds From Siberia

A diamond inside a diamond..

Russian Subway Stations

Elaborate Underground Architecture of Soviet Metro Stations Photographed by Christopher Herwig