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Catholic school Principal/Cop busted at a strip club

Sudan is still a mess.

A $450 Da Vinci painting hangs on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Yacht

The Lagoon Nebula

DR Congo has a 700% increase in Measles cases the year, more than 1500 deaths

Carved Castle Of Mada’in Saleh


So Good Looking, Saudi Arabia Deported Him


It’s understandable…

Bahrain Protests (Today)

Cool, but it’s kind of ironic that the women are left at the back of the march, in Burkas.  This will take baby steps

And because the US 5th Fleet is docked there, no condemnation will come for the abuse reaped on those exercising freedom of speech. Saudi Arabia (our Oil whores) will just send more (US armed) troops. It all disgusts me.

Arab Spring Arrives In Saudi Arabia

Because of the close ties the US has with Saud, we can be sure to not get much coverage, and even less support for the protesters. Just like Bahrain..