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Matryoshka Diamonds From Siberia

A diamond inside a diamond..

New News

Guns guns guns in America

UN finally ready to start dealing with Human trash (think Plastics) of course, Trump hates the idea..

Drunk Ukraine Cops shoot 5 year old…

Man opens Safe, first time since 1970

Galaxy NGC 7773

First Likely Mars-Quake Recorded

Maduro trying to stash Gold outside Venezuela

NASA finds second likely Impact crater under Greenland Ice Sheet

US Congresswoman tells truth about Israel lobbyists and is forced to apologise..

NASA’s Opportunity ends mission

Buy your porn blocking Computer or Phone in Kansas..

The Secrets Of Jumping Crystals

News Of The Week

Another Russian Cargo ship runs agound

Uzbekistan wants into the Wine market

Yakutia residents love thier town

Couple names their Baby after Adolf Hitler, get Jail time.

Reptiles normally eat Spiders, but not in Madagascar (10 inch leg span)

Saturn’s Rings are getting sucked up

NASA’s Collapsing Heat Shield

One of the coolest developments in 10 years.