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New News Stuff

Catholic school Principal/Cop busted at a strip club

Sudan is still a mess.

A $450 Da Vinci painting hangs on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Yacht

The Lagoon Nebula

DR Congo has a 700% increase in Measles cases the year, more than 1500 deaths

New News

Guns guns guns in America

UN finally ready to start dealing with Human trash (think Plastics) of course, Trump hates the idea..

Drunk Ukraine Cops shoot 5 year old…

Man opens Safe, first time since 1970

Galaxy NGC 7773

Cluster NGC 6496

GSGS Landsat Images

Enceladus And Janus Above The Rings

Blue Origin’s Reusable Booster

It’s cool that companies are working on reusability, but this system isn’t ready for prime time. Not even reaching Low Earth orbit…

Saturn’s Moon Enceladus