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What The Hell Happened Last Night?

Photo by the awesome Gage Skidmore.
I never “vent” here, but today, as an American, I think I will. So what happened? Well, in short..America hired a bigoted, megalomaniac sexual predator as the leader of the “free world”. I hate the term “free world”, like America is the big boss, we are not.

How did we get here? I can spell that out; The right wing spent 6 years bashing Hillary, knowing full well she was going to run in 2016. They said the same lies so often, a lot of people took it as fact. What they didn’t know/expect was, Trump would actually win. So a fair number of the more sane right, are pretty freaked out by right now. The rest are happier than pigs in shit (analogy used on purpose). The FBI (Comey) and KGB joined hands to provide the final blows and swing the election in the final days. Well done comrades.

So what’s next? Um, House Speaker Paul Ryan has what he has been waiting for, all 3 branches of Government. Democrats have been fighting for decades to save Social Safety Net programs. I say, screw the poor/minority people who voted for this (or didn’t vote at all); Cut Medicare expansion, ObamaCare is toast, kill Social Security..retirement age goes to 75, and feed Food Stamps laws to the shredder. Starve you idiots. You asked for it, let’s give these rural poor fools what they wanted.

Build the “wall” Donald Trump. Stop exporting Jobs (Ryan will NOT allow this), and export the Muslims and Latinos instead. Some of your supporters want you to include Blacks here too. They didn’t vote much, so go ahead, out they go. We can have the lily white America the right has been dreaming of since emancipation. Bring the boats and buses and get er’ done!

Maybe going forward, the Democrats will stop saying “It’s ‘s turn and actually put up candidates who people can get behind. As long as the right is cool with voting in swine, you need to differentiate your candidates by being clean. That worked in 2008 and 2012, so learn a lesson.

Don’t get me started on the ultra-right homophobic VP Pence. Jackass…

Hey America, you made your bed, now sleep in it. I will stay awake and watch you smother. I am just bothered that “Heil Trump” doesn’t have the same ring to it, as “Heil Hitler”. Can we get “Grab her by the pussy” on the nickle? That would be a collector’s item.

Gracie Allen For President 1940

Similarities to today abound…