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Tuesday News

Geothermal can save the planet, maybe

Alabama man denies feeding meth to ‘attack squirrel’

Hand’s off Lads

The Compulsive Masturbators Trying to Cure Themselves With Chastity Cages

The UK doesn’t know who’s to blame for the illegal use of the bombs they sell (really??!!)

Second election for Istanbul Mayor doesn’t go as Erdogan planned

US Sanctions block Video Games in Iran…and they are pissed

News Of The Week

That Coup failed.. Bad Soldiers

Toronto Restaurant keeping microwave dinner traditions alive (joke)

Feel Good Story of the week:
Keep restricting abortion access, and more of this will follow.

Those “sonic” attack on US Diplomats was likely Cricits:

Russian Tank movie kills at the boxoffice

Turkey’s housing boom is a bust (who would buy one of these?)

Colors Of Istanbul


Erdogan’s New Presidential Palace


What a dousche.

Turkey’s Dep. PM Says Women Shouldn’t Laugh

So what can they possibly do?

I love it!

Turkey Has Issues




The whole region does.

Turkey borders Georgia, Syria, Iraq and Iran. It’s just south of Crimea/Ukraine across the Black Sea. Bad neighborhood, so I hope this gets settled peacefully. For once…

Run It Agound

I love these..not sure why.