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The Weeks’ News

The super modern Keystone XP pipeline spilled 350K gallons of oil in South Dakota

The filthy rich are ready to leave the UK if liberals will election

The North Korean people want Kim Jong Un to stay home

Dresden declares a Nazi Emergency

Tuesday News

Geothermal can save the planet, maybe

Alabama man denies feeding meth to ‘attack squirrel’

Hand’s off Lads

The Compulsive Masturbators Trying to Cure Themselves With Chastity Cages

The UK doesn’t know who’s to blame for the illegal use of the bombs they sell (really??!!)

Second election for Istanbul Mayor doesn’t go as Erdogan planned

US Sanctions block Video Games in Iran…and they are pissed

Tuesday’s News

The $908 Burger, celebrates Japan’s new emperor

Why the UK Drives in the Left (the Queen did it);

Actors ready to boycott Georgia productions over Hearthbeat bill

Russian Blood Candy Bars

All That News

The Portland Tiara Stolen

Russia is being a dick to Ukraine

Central Columbia Bridge collapses again

Trump Tariffs drive business out of China, but just to to Vietnam

Science Corner: Nebula HD 44179, The Red Rectangle

Sunday Stuff

Cutting edge Journalism:

When the Fuel runs out: Dawn and Kepler end of mission

Get your Moon Rocks here!

Hundreds for a human chain to move a book store

Thursday’s News Things

Tommy Chong wants to be the voice of Edmonton passenger trains

$40K Bike Heist$40000-worth-of-bikes-stolen-from-san-francisco-shop/3920379/

UK Farmer trampled to death by his own Cattle

MITs’ Fusion reactor

Unalaska bans plastic one time use shopping bags ($100 fine)

New News For Yous..

Thieves are truly stupid

Banning single use plastics

Because single use plastics are killing the Ocean

Libya headed for elections, finally

Norman, the tortured AI that is now evil