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Undocumented Bus

Um, any Police could stop the bus and deport them all, right?

Senate Bill 3414: On Cyber Security

No big deal, this bill makes it legal to bypass the Constitution’s 4th Amendment, and allow any internet related company to provide your internet activity to the Government without a warrant. In return, they get immunity from prosecution.  So who wouldn’t do that?

There were 9o amendments added to the bill, including gun control and tax relief for rich people.  It’s “bi-partisan”.

Julián Castro

Meet Mayor Julián Castro from Generation TX on Vimeo.

A Democrat, and will be over 32 years old in 2016. A sure fire Senate/VP pic, if not the nations youngest president.

Seattle Trash Strike = Stinks

I support the strike, but Waste Management is a national company. Really surprised they would let this happen. Oh right, they are greedy corporate raiders, who want the middle class to make less than a living wage and just want maximum corporate profits.

Anonymous Attack French Site Trying To Trademark Their Logo

I kind-of fucking love this..and it will happen. Can’t wait for the apology.

RIP Chris Marker

He died on his birthday, at 91 years old. Significant, rare? Not really.

His 27 min. short La Jetée, which inspired the movie Twelve Moneys:


My Gimpy Life

Very funny, and it continues the progress of great content moving off TV, and to the internet!


Made me laugh.

Tokyo Big Sight

They do Art, big Art!

Most Non-Peaceful Protesters Not From Anaheim

 (No minorities in this picture)

Shocker, it’s Republicans and Libertarians who HATE to see a peaceful protest by minorities.  This happened big time in Oakland New York and elsewhere last year.  White (supremist?) guys appear out of nowhere and ruin a peaceful protest event.  Sponsored by?  Think Koch.

Love – Everybody’s Gotta Live

Pussy Riot’s Trial Starts In Russia

Dammit, let these girls go!  They were peacefully protesting the Russian Government.  What’s that about crapping in the Church?  I have done that myself, crapped in Church. More than one, it felt good too..

NASA’s LRO Shows Apollo Flag On Moon Still Standing

You know, that “fake” flag, planted by fake Austronauts who never went to the Moon, right?

Can you discard photographic proof?!.html#extended


Help Me Doctor

A very creative piece of fiction:

I really hate that WorldPress won’t let us EMBED SHOCKWAVE files??

Here is the stupid link:

Enjoy, it’s really good.

Bobby Jindal Slashes Medicaid In Louisiana

Don’t pay attention to Romney’s name in the background, and Tim Plenty (SP?) in the background. This is in no way psy-ops on my part.

It’s just a random picture that happens to include Bobby and Jim (both possible Romney VP choices).

The worst part of Bobby’s cuts, is it leaves a lot of poor kids with no Doctors. Oh right, I forgot, that is where we are headed as a nation. Nice place we have here; A bunch of rich white guys, and a bunch of poor people who are not (mainly) white. End game? You know..

First Baptist Church of Mississippi Won’t Marry Black People

Apparently in Crystal Springs Mississippi, it’s still 1967, or earlier.

President Obama Visiting Colorado Victims

Nice of the President to take the time.  Was Romney there too?  Oh right, he had to get ready for fund raising in London.

The Swiss Don’t Care About Tax Dodgers, Just Image

Best quote from the story:

“I don’t think that many Americans have a bad image of Switzerland as a whole.
The elites, certainly, know better. But you do have a lot of people here who see
Swiss banks as a haven for the super wealthy and tax dodgers.”

The answer from the average American; “YES”.

Anaheim Looks More Like Iraq Than California

Well, Disney must be protected…so what if we shoot a few poor locals?

Coal Power Plants Saving Money Converting To Natural Gas

That’s FOX Business news reporting that..

Yellowstone Caldera Is Why Congress Ignores The Debt?

Just thinking out loud, but until last year, the average ground swell was less than an inch. In 2011 it jumped 10 inches.  I think Congress (and Romney) are looking to bail out, to Europe and Asia when this happens.  They don’t care about the rest of us, why would they?

Richmond Man Stabs Girlfriend, Then Gets Run Over

Man, sounds like most Fridays in my neck of the woods..

Geek Bowling

This includes one of the coolest magic tricks ever. Bad language too..

Maine Voter Restrictions

Maine joins Florida and many other GOP lead States to enact voter registration regulations.  I really don’t think they have thought this through.  Think of all the Seniors (one of the biggest voting blocks for the GOP) who don’t have a valid ID, because they don’t drive anymore?

Especially in Florida and Maine.  Kinda taking a risk there folks..