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Weekly News

114 Pigs suvive truck crash in Ireland, still get slaughtered

A Terrorist attempt in North Carolina that got no press, because the guy is white

A Nutty Wedding Day

Our Bats are dying


New News To Yous

UK Airline Monarch Totally Fails

Russian Soldiers banned from Selfies after being Id’ in Ukraine

Trump leaving Las Vegas this week. Form your own opinion of the “meaning” of the photo. I think it’s leaving before the problem is fixed.

Nazi brain experiments

Muslims flee Burma after being attacked, because Muslims attacked the Police

Maybe everyone should chill…

Alaska’s Climate Change problem

The War in Ukraine is still happening

Dawn celebrates 10 years in space.

Mona Nemer named Canada’s new science advisor

Oh, The World Ends On Saturday, So Have A Bang On Night Friday

NASA has been quiet about this…
Will The World End On September 23? Christian ‘Researcher’ Says Yes

New News

Gifts Saudi Arabia gave Trump

UK Army Nazi’s

More Israeli air strikes in Syria

Julie Dorion

Olympics Brought Box Tree Moth’s to Sochi;

Liberals gaining ground in Russia

Man chokes to death while eating wedding anniversary steak dinner

Monday News

Five Taliban acquitted of murder? Really Pakistan?
The day this happened, I was devastated. So much hope lost.

Italy helps pay Libya Militia’s to stop human traffickers

Canada’s secret underground railroad for Chechen gays

New News

Finally, some good news!

Neo Natzis are still online

NIST thankfully acknowledges mangled 15 character passwords don’t work:

Big Ben goes silent

Thirty Seconds To Mars

US is withholding funds (bribes) to Egypt over human rights abuses