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What News?

Immortal Stem-Cells can produce blood on demand (because science+)

Venezuela steps closer to Dictatorship, even as the country implodes.’-powers

Texas Dem. Rep introduces bill to ban free mastubation

How to blow up a tank in Syria, by Faylaq al-Sham

New Types Of Clouds

New News

Living in the UK town with the fewest young women

UAE is cra-cra..

Russia Zoo sues AD company after rented Racoon appears in near nude AD;

Russian corruption lawyer thrown from apartment window;

Tuesday’s News

Pakistan Ski Resort reopenes after Taliban defeat

In Russia you can get 3 years in jail for “insulting” believers

US States planning fees on electric cars;

World’s Worst Skier owns it;
Venezuelan skier delivers inspiring response after being dubbed 'the world’s worst skier'

Scottish town uses hair dryers like speed radar

Photos Of The Week

New News

Breaking News

Don’t Head-butt Elvis. Just don’t..

Th Company building the Dakota Access pipeline had a little spill;

Russian backed commanders in Ukraine are being executed;

Robots are replacing all of us;

Before Garden Gnomes, people stood in the garden;

Legal Refugees In The US Flee To Canada

Via Reuters. This is what I call sad. It’s not the America I know anymore.