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Mid-Week News

Needville Independent School District in Texas threatens to suspend students who protest. How’s your 1st Amendment?

Australin boy fights hiccups through the National Anthem (not news, just funny)

Inside the Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen

RIP Emma Chambers

Co-Ed Lucha Libre

Maplin and ToysRUs UK go bankrupt in the UK, Brexit’s going great…

The Rape Kit testing backlog, is still a thing


Tuesday’s News

Camel Trains are slowing up the new Trains in Ethiopia

Texas Teacher dies because she couldn’t afford a $116 Co-Pay

Video: A Russia/Estonia Spy exchange

Inidia’s war on Valentines

Oh The News

Space-X Falcon Heavy Launch from yeaterday afternoon

CFPB Prevails

After a Century, Wolves return to Belgium

Reporters denied Bail in Burma

Scottland passes a “psychological domestic abuse” law. Great, but hard to prove.

What really happens to a human in Space without a Spacesuit

Thursday’s Thoughts And Tunes

Don’t leave water in the Arizona desert.

Leave water in the desert, you go to jail

Dutch Hackers watched Russia hack the 2016 US Election

Small village in Russia promotes itself with slick website

The Wet Secrets

Japanese Breakfast

The Go Team

Say Hi

New News

The woman who created the Doctor Who theme:

The Russian Orthodox Priest Biker Calendar

Being single may kill you faster than obesity

H3N2 Virus (Flu) is nasty

Trump appoints anti-regulation, uneducated, pollution enthusiast to the Great Lakes. What could possibly go wrong? It’s just 86% of the American fresh water source.

Falcons Are Parrots, Not Smaller Hawks

No wonder they’ve been so pissed off lately.

Christmas News And More

What do you want for Christmas?

White Christmas by Little Hurricane

Self explanatory