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Monday’s News

Live frog found in a grown whole green pepper

Ukrainins attack Ukrainian evacueesreturning from China

How Lava Lamps are made (video)

Orcas swim from Iceland to Lebanon, then die from a lack of food

The great Buenos Ares bank robbery (good read)

Anti Trump billboard in Las Vegas

Texas man manages to shoot 6 people and himself

New News

Hoisting Anteras (photos)

Syria and Russia attacking Hospitals

Trump Admin is right back to holding Ukrainian Aid

Michigan Government buildings close due to lack of heat

Washington moves to keep Iraq’s money away from Iraq

Lifelike respiratory masks

News Of The Week

Denver Airports’ Lizard People and more

Detroit man charged with DUI, drives to Court drunk

Historical Abraham Lincoln photos

Abraham Lincoln – the 16th President of the United States

Healthcare in the US costs 8% more of GDP than the UK’s “socialist” system

How an Ex-Cop scammed McDonald’s Monopoly

Artist uses 99 cell phones and a wagon to fake Google Maps traffic jams

The Weeks’ News

Arizona man uses skeleton to fake HOV pass (why not??)

India can repopulate native Cheeta’s

Radioactive waste from Oil and Gas wells are killing people

America’s Radioactive Secret

Avacado thefts surge

The News Of The Week

A painting stolen years before, turns up inside the Gallery wall

Utah Condoms are hack..

Ex-President’s daughter looks pretty crooked in Angola..

Malysia says the UK can keep their garbage..

Corona Virus continues it’s global spread

Thai police auction a car full of drugs..

This Week’s News

Conservative Karyn Turk heading to prison for stealing mother’s Social Security

Egypt courts at odd with Muslim Clerics over child marriages

Egypt’s top court says ‘Urfi’ marriage of minors is a violation of children’s rights

We missed the My Little Pony conference in Vancouver..

Coal Miners in Kentucky block Coal Train

Chemical Plant explosion in Spain kills a man 2 miles away

God Damn Burger King..

This Week’s News

Louisiana man holds gun to boy’s head for drinking the last soda

West Monroe man accused of pulling a gun on a 9-year-old over taking the last Dr. Pepper

I love diet Dr. Pepper, but…

Italians are not having babies

Boston Police nab enough Fentanyl to kill 2 Million people

Boston police seize enough fentanyl to kill over 2 million people

Oh wait, Russia has been faking “Scientific Journals”??

Ten year old kid dies stowing away in the undercarriage of a Jet