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Sunday’s News Stories

Honor killings continue in Iran
It’s not honorable to kill your kids..

Three people arrested for impersonating Police during burglary. They didn’t steal anything.

Three arrested for impersonating officers to enter home on Fairview Road

Toronto Tow Truck companies are in a turf war

Lockdown protesters call for Death to Democrats

Roman Mosaic floor found under weeds

The Week’s News

Hand Sanitizer explodes in hot car

In Las Vegas heat, don’t leave hand sanitizer behind in cars

Middle School has kids complete a Porn quiz.

South Korea’s Soccer team puts sex dolls in empty stands (with masks)

Sex dolls result in red card for South Korean team

Belfast Priest plays Slash at service

Farm Animal shit is killing the Baltic Sea

Lies and disinformation cover up environmental assault on the Baltic Sea

The Week’s News

UK wants kids to pick the veggies

Foxes move into Pere Lachaise cemetery Paris to have kids

Woman discovers her Bar of Soap is Cheese

Death Cap mushrooms are coming

Cafe uses blow up dolls to fill tables to enforce social distancing

New Global News

Five year old caught driving family car

The rebirth of the F-15

The US invasion of Venezuela has failed

Comet 2I/Borisov: It comes from another star

States with the fewest Covid-19 cases got the biggest bailouts

States, like Alaska, with few virus cases get big share of relief aid

Morocco uses drones to fight Corona virus

New News

Hawaii is paying vacationers to leave

Spain sprays beaches with bleach

They found the Tomato!

Oh cool, Murder Hornets arrive in America..

The Week’s News

A toilet that knows you by your ass

Maryland renting Ice Rinks as temporary Morgues

UK government is ignoring smaller textile companies to supply PPE

Americas’ biggest COVID-19 outbreak

Tuedays’ News

Deserted London

Idiots is Lansing MI protest lockdown

Speaking of idiots, in Siberia they ride ice flows

Pollution is way down since COVID-19